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Tell Me About My True Task Journey...

This message is for you, there is only 1 True Beautiful You

I understand that I am beautiful

and because of this

I am able to be who I wish to be

and because I understand and accept this

(complete your true task to help guide you toward this understanding)

I am able to share this value with others

through my thoughts, words and actions


4 Tasks to be met

4 True Task jewels to be worn

after each task is completed

Your first jewel comes

with your T-Shirt

the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Jewels may be ordered

on this website

In addition to the True Tasks that are

taking place everywhere

$20 from each sale will be donated to

Woman and Children's shelters nationwide


Your first True Task code and password will be

included with your letter t jewel

the others will come with each jewel when ordered

Remember that 1 True Beautiful You is a belief, an understanding of

how important it is to love ourselves so that we may love and help others.

We need to know it, know that it's ok to feel it and we are then free to

teach, help and guide others.

It is not a selfish understanding - it is an essential understanding

Enjoy your True Task journey, you are Beautiful and you deserve to

Understand it, Accept it & Share it

                  understand .... You Are Beautiful

                  accept .... Your Beauty & Goodness

                  share .... By Simply Being Yourself

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