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About "a Soft Task"

Updated: Aug 26, 2018


There is Only 1 True Beautiful You

Your Beautiful Path Blog is sponsored by the creators of 1 True Beautiful You - a Unique

T-shirt concept designed to help Woman Understand & Accept their Beauty. A True Task Jewel and Password (to access her True Task) accompanies the T-shirt upon purchase. Once the True Task is revealed using the password on the website, your Beautiful Jewel may be worn on your T-Shirt. There are 4 Jewel and 4 Tasks. The Tasks are of a meditative nature, designed to enhance your overall spirit and wellbeing - by recognizing and appreciating your Beauty.

These Tasks are uplifting, motivating and have been created with

Love & Beautiful intentions.

Now about the Soft Tasks, these tasks are mini versions of the tasks created for the 1 True Beautiful You T-Shirts. They are meant to be soothing, meditative and a way to help us get in touch with the beauty within ourselves. There is only 1 True Beautiful You...

Understand + Accept + Share, the Share happens naturally once we Understand + Accept our Beauty. How can we fully share our Positive Spirit with others if we are not fully aware of the fact that we ourselves are Love and Beauty.

Visit to learn more about this "More Than Just a T-Shirt" inspiring concept. Enjoy "Your Beautiful Path" it was written for You.

Understand + Accept + Share

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