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The 1 True Beautiful You T-Shirt & Jewel - A Beautiful Concept

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

4 True Tasks to be met

4 True Task Jewels to be Worn on Your T-Shirt

after each Task is Completed

Your True Task Awaits You!

Your first jewel comes with your t-shirt the 2nd, 3rd & 4th jewels may be ordered on the website

In addition to the true tasks that are taking place everywhere $20 from each sale will be donated to Woman and Children's shelters nationwide.

Your first true task code and password will be included with Your letter t jewel the others will come with each jewel when ordered.

Remember that 1 True Beautiful You is a belief, an understanding of how important it is to love ourselves so that we may love and help others. We need to

know it, know that it's ok to feel it and we are then free to teach, help and guide others.

It is not a selfish understanding -

it is an essential understanding

Enjoy your true task journey, You are Beautiful and You deserve to Understand it, Accept it & Share it

To Learn More About the 1 True Beautiful You

Unique & Uplifting Concept


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