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Be Your Own Valentine...

Open Your Beautiful Heart - To Yourself

Give Yourself Uplifting Thoughts & Words

Something Essential and Meaningful that You need to do now, later - forever is to clear Your mind of thoughts about Yourself that do not boost Your spirit. It doesn’t need to be so complicated! Stop analyzing, brooding, scaring Yourself into beliefs about Yourself that lead to nothing but empty feelings. Take a simple approach to Understanding and Accepting Your Self-worth, Your Beautiful Self, the Love and Amazing Energy that courses through Your veins. Take a step toward changing Your self-talk, realize when You are telling Yourself something that isn’t healthy to hear. Would You ever think of saying or thinking such things about someone else? Than why would You ever say or think unhealthy, negative thoughts about Yourself? The next time You find Yourself doing this, stop and realize that You are not being kind to Yourself. Stop is the operative word. Stop and rephrase, turn that thought or those words into Loving thoughts and words. This is not hard to do, not complicated, no analyzing or brooding - just simple Kind, Loving words that You have the power to choose and the ability to give to Yourself.

No excuses - Yes, You Can make the effort and with the effort comes the result - You did it, you have chosen Yourself as Your Valentine. You have simply opened Your Beautiful Heart to Yourself. What good does having such intrinsic beauty do, if You don’t share it first with the person it belongs to - that is You. There is only 1 True Beautiful You, Live it and Give Yourself the Uplifting thoughts and words You deserve to think and hear.

Here is Your Soft Task to help guide You toward this practice -

Soft Task: Picture Yourself sitting peacefully in a beautiful place of Your choice, someone comes up behind You and asks if they may join You. You love the sound of her voice, because it is Yours. You invite her to sit down across from You, You exchange smiles and she tells You that she is so happy that You are ready to appreciate the amazing person that You truly are. Now its Your turn - tell her what You believe she needs to hear to help her understand and accept her self-worth. There - not so hard is it! Not so hard to tell Yourself what You deserve to hear. Try to do this exercise at least once per day until You feel that You have successfully replaced Your negative thoughts and feelings about Yourself, with Positive Thoughts and Feelings about Yourself.

Soul Words: "It is neither hard nor complicated to be kind and loving to myself. I deserve to hear and feel the things that fill my heart with happiness. I have the power and the ability to make this loving choice." ♥️

There is Only 1 True Beautiful You...

Your Path is Yours to Create...

Take one step at a time - don't look back, move forward toward creating your own beautiful path, your imprint will remain forever.

"I Have the Power & Ability to Make this Loving Choice" 

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