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She Dreams and Thinks and Loves...

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

She is Beautiful in All Ways

Feel What You Need to Feel

She Dreams and Thinks and Loves ♥️ and Feels the Things She Needs to. The Things that Make Her Who She is - She is Strong and Full of Life and Sensitive yet Unbreakable - She is True to Herself, She is You, She is Me, She is all of Us, She is Beautiful in All Ways.

Take a break from anything that takes You away from You. Be what and whom and how You want to be. Explore your true feelings - How You wish to Dream, how You wish to Think, How You wish to Love. This is how You may practice being "True to Yourself". Remember it is not a selfish concept, but an essential concept. Make the concept work for You, understand and accept that You are Beautiful in All Ways. Let's put some time aside to practice making this concept work. This soft task will help you explore your potential to do so -

Soft Task- Look at the photo above - close your eyes and picture yourself in place of the woman. You are calm, there is peace surrounding your heart and soul. What do the clouds feel like as they move past You and your thoughts? Now allow yourself to experience the idea (fact) that every part of You represents the warmest and most special part of your being. In other words, there are no parts to your beauty; but warmth, strength and love emanate from the whole of You, the You that makes You who You are. Take a few minutes to just feel what You need to feel. When You are ready, write down 3 words that best describe your feelings or thoughts after you're done with this exercise. Take your words with You today and for as many days as You like - look at them often and remember how important it is to be...

True to - You.

Soul Words: "I will feel what I need to feel, whenever and wherever I choose. I am Beautiful in All Ways".

There is Only 1 True Beautiful You...

Your Path is Yours to Create...

Take one step at a time - don't look back, move forward toward creating your own beautiful path, your imprint will remain forever.

"I am Beautiful in All Ways" 

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