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Let Go and Make Room for You

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Experience Your Beautiful Spirit

You are Your Strength, Your Strength Belongs to You

Is anything worthwhile easy? Are you ready to picture yourself happy, free, smiling, laughing, comfortable, peaceful, full of your own special purpose? Of course you’re ready, we are always ready to create these beautiful images in our minds. But just because we’re ready doesn’t mean we do it…so true isn’t it.

It’s time to let go, let go of what you are carrying that is too heavy, weighing you down, keeping you from experiencing your beautiful spirit. It starts with understanding that you are worthy of peace, contentment and loving yourself. Picture it, picture yourself letting go of the pain, the heartache, the things that you should not be carrying because they do not represent who you are. Allow yourself to picture your dreams, your hopes and what you want to be your reality. Only you can do this for yourself. You are your strength, your strength belongs to you, therefore you are in charge of how and when you are going to use it. You are full of light, beauty and purpose. Picture your path, what you will leave behind and what is waiting for you. Let go and make room for you!

A soft task to get you started thinking the thoughts you deserve to think - Sit quietly, no interruptions - picture yourself carrying a backpack full of the things you would like to let go of - you’re walking down your own path, one that you have created. Look around a moment and experience the beautiful things you have placed on and around your path. Now picture yourself wearing the heavy backpack and realizing that it doesn’t need to be there anymore, it’s heavy and it weighs you down, you’re carrying it out of habit, not comfort and you have the choice to either keep it there or drop it to the ground and keep walking. Now drop it without looking at it and walk down that beautiful path that you have created and will continue to create. Thats it, make it easy and don’t look back, ever ♥️

Soul Words: "I am the creator of and I am in control of my decisions, I will look ahead, not behind and make decisions that are right for my well being ".

There is Only 1 True Beautiful You...

Your Path is Yours to Create...

Take one step at a time - don't look back, move forward toward creating your own beautiful path, your imprint will remain forever.

"Make it easy and don't look back, ever" 

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