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Stop putting Yourself Last...

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Be Concious of Your Radiance and Beauty

Give Yourself what You Need - Now

It's there, always there, no one can take it away, no one (including You) can dissolve it - and why would You want to, it is Yours - it is You. It is Your Beautiful Heart, Your Amazing Spirit Your Vibrant Being that is full of Radiance and Beauty. Love and Light are within You, around You and there for You always. Take steps toward Understanding and Accepting this truth so that You may experience the warmth and happiness that You truly deserve. What steps? What can You do to live Your life more fully? The way that You want to? Stop putting Yourself last, it’s not healthy nor is it worthwhile, because when You do so You are not fully able to give what You may wish to give, to others. So give Yourself what You need - now. Only You know what that is, what You need to help Yourself Understand and Accept the Love and Beauty that is You. Here is a soft task to move You a bit closer to putting Yourself first.

Soft task: Today, do something that forces You to relax - read 1 chapter in a book, put on a facial mask, take a hot bath, anything that will allow You time to appreciate Yourself. While You are doing whatever You choose to do, be conscious of Your mindset, make sure that You take the time to realize that You deserve this Gift You are giving to Yourself. Take a few minutes during or after Your relaxation break to write a few sentences about the Positive Aspects of this special time You have allowed Yourself to experience and why You deserve to feel this way. Thats not all…do this every day - Your time belongs to You, it is necessary to experience the Love and Light that is You in order to Share Your Positive Spirit with others.

Soul Words: "It’s time for me to put myself first. It is time for me to do the things that I need to do. It is not selfish of Me as I need to be conscious of and accept the Love and Light that is me." ♥️

There is Only 1 True Beautiful You...

Your Path is Yours to Create...

Take one step at a time - don't look back, move forward toward creating your own beautiful path, your imprint will remain forever.

"Experience the Love and Light that is You" 

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