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Give the Gift Listening and be Happy for Her...

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

When you are truly listening and engaged, you will feel as though you have accepted the gift she is giving you

Sharing in a friends happiness
You are Receiving & Giving a Gift when You Listen with an Open Heart

We've all been there... someone we know, lets say a friend, is telling us about something that has happened in her life, that she considers to be exciting or wonderful. Are we Really Listening to what she is saying? Or are we thinking about the subject and how it relates to us? Sometimes we miss the opportunity to share in the happiness of others - to support them the way we would like to be supported, because we are acting selfishly and we don't even realize it! The selfish thing that we are doing? - Thinking about ourselves and perhaps feeling down because the happiness that she is sharing is not ours. So...we end up feeling bad (for ourselves) and not sharing our Beautiful Spirit with our excited friend by listening and being genuinely happy for her. (Take a moment and put yourself in her position, you are telling your friend your good news because you want to share with her). Think of it as if she is offering you a gift and ask yourself, are you truly accepting it? - You are not, if you are not present and LISTENING to what she is saying. Try and be mindful of how present and engaged you are the next time this happens. When you are truly listening and engaged, you will feel as though you have accepted the gift she is giving you and you will experience a wonderful feeling of true happiness for her.

The following soft task may help You move along this path: Close your eyes for a moment and picture yourself handing a beautifully wrapped gift to a friend, the gift inside of this box represents a wonderful experience that you have had. Picture her smiling and thanking you with a warm heart. Next picture your friend giving you a beautifully wrapped gift - a wonderful experience that she has had is inside of the box she has given to you, picture yourself thanking her with a smile and a warm heart. She has accepted your gift and you have accepted hers. No judgment, no selfish thoughts, just acceptance. It's easy when you think of it this way. Write down 3 words that describe how you feel after picturing this beautiful gift exchange and carry these words with you wherever you go today. This exercise will help you understand that when you truly listen to her experiences you are receiving (and accepting) her lovely gift. You in turn are giving her a Beautiful gift by sharing your

Positive Spirit in a most loving and graceful way.

Soul Words: "'I am capable and willing to give the gift of my Positive Spirit by simply listening with an open heart".

There is Only 1 True Beautiful You...

Your Path is Yours to Create...

Take one step at a time - don't look back, move forward toward creating your own beautiful path, your imprint will remain forever.

"Simply Listen with an open Heart"

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