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Of Course You are...

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

You are a gift, You have been given many gifts and You have the ability to share Your gifts.

Your ideas and feelings matter
Practice Being You - Your Ideas and Feelings Matter

Of course you are... bright, engaging, lovely, full of wonder, full of faith, full of a warmth that is uniquely yours. Of course you are ready - ready to peel back the layers of doubt, ready to learn how to accept and feel the happiness and peace that you have been blessed with, ready to explore the skills, talents and love that you possess.

So now you are asking how? How do I tap into these amazing feelings and traits that belong to me?

Allow, allow and allow some more. It is that simple - Allow your inner strength to guide you toward accepting and understanding the positive imprint that you leave everywhere and always. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t think you were ready to explore the Beautiful possibilities that are YOU. It is really that simple. Accept the fact that you are Love and full of positive energy. Be who you were meant to be by allowing yourself to do so. You are strong, determined and full of potential, don’t waste any of that for a moment by thinking or saying or feeling anything but positive thoughts, words or emotions about yourself. Practice being you - your ideas and feelings matter - to YOU and because of this they belong and reside in that special place in your heart. You are a gift, you have been given gifts and you have the ability to share your gifts. The greater your acceptance of these facts the easier it will be to exercise your heart, use it always - it is full of Love - full of your Love for yourself and therefore full of your Love for others. So there - You are ready to be you. Here is a soft task to help you practice being you - Take 15 minutes out of your day today and do the following: write down 5 words that represent the positive things that you are. At 3 different times today and tomorrow read the 5 words that you wrote. When you read them preface your words with “I have been gifted with (your word)” Relax before you write your 5 words, feel the warmth in your heart and be honest with yourself. This will allow you to be open to your true feelings which will ultimately allow you to Share Your Positive Spirit with Others.

Soul Words: "I am committed to exploring my potential, I will work toward understanding and accepting my gifts. I am capable of experiencing personal peace and contentment which will allow me to share my positive spirit with others".

There is Only 1 True Beautiful You...

Your Path is Yours to Create...

Take one step at a time - don't look back, move forward toward creating your own beautiful path, your imprint will remain forever.

"I am committed to exploring my potential"

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Thank you for such a lovely share........Donna Wilkinson


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